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Never Been Surfed – Baja ~ 3-29-2015

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    in the article, You want this pesorn to believe that he is a sinner, under God’s wrath, and deserving His judgment. You want him to know that his righteous deeds are as filthy rags, that everything he can produce is not enough for God. This is the pesorn you are supposed to be giving your love? You want that pesorn to feel that he is not good enough, less than, and constantly wrong? That seems like an awful relationship to me and contradictory to everything I have ever learned, thought, felt, or even been taught about God. God is love. End of story. If I love someone, I don’t care if they worship the Devil, as long as they love me and respect me like I need. (Granted that’s an extreme example as I don’t believe in the Devil, and regardless would not be dating someone who went so far as to worship that as our life paths would probably not cross in a romantic way.)Also something confuses me is practicing a system of ethics based on reward, in Christianity’s case, an afterlife, as opposed to practicing a system of ethics based on it simply being the right thing to do. Once again, not attacking any of you, and I know that you didn’t write the article. So I’m not looking for a fight. Just a loving and maybe passionate, (nothing wrong with a bit of passion) discussion on your opinions regarding whatever I just said.. :p Cause to be honest I’m not actually sure if anything I just wrote had a point.WORD VOMIT!

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