Pricing Explanation

So you would like To buy a photograph. Great! Why are the prices different?

I currently base my pricing model on the following knowledge that I have attained through conversations with surfers as well as working for over 10 years as a surf photographer:

– If you are a Professional Surfer, you are generally not going to purchase a photograph of yourself. Photographers and/or sponsors are throwing them at you all of the time for free. Thus, I offer them for free to surfers whom are Professionals with the stipulation that they do not use them for advertising purposes without my express, written consent.

– If you are not a Professional Surfer or a highly ranked up-and-coming amateur, you are most likely not going to be able to attain a professional quality photograph of yourself for free. Thus, I charge you a fee which I feel is more than fair considering the time that I have spent devoted to the craft of photography, the money that I have spent on high-quality equipment, and the time I invest in creating a photograph for you that will ideally stay in your family for generations as well as inspire you to get in the water more often.

– If you have any questions. comments, or concerns about my pricing model, please feel free to email me at I try and always remain open to change via diplomatic, rational discussion.



Mike Vos